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mini glass dab rig

Usmoother 5 inch Dab Rig | Girly Dab Rig for Sale

This Usmoother glass mini dab rig is made from stout 5mm borosilicate glass, it comes with everything essential to get you began right out of the package-a dab rig, a 90 degree quartz banger, a carb cap. It's a fantastic mini dab rig for both beginners and also connoisseurs.

glow in the dark water bongs

Usmoother 8 inch Glow In the Dark Bong | Bong Glow In the Dark

Usmoother glow-in-the-dark bong enhances with black and white creepy faces decals, the whole set consists of a slitted downstem as well as a glass herb bowl too, Bong Glow In the Dark is a really useful beaker bong yet trendy and also trendy.