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Usmoother 8 inch Glow In the Dark Bong

Usmoother 8 inch Glow In the Dark Bong


This Usmoother glass mini dab rig is made from stout 5mm borosilicate glass, it comes with everything essential to get you began right out of the package-a dab rig, a 90 degree quartz banger, a carb cap. It’s a fantastic mini dab rig for both beginners and also connoisseurs.


Quantity Price
1 - 999 $49.99
1,000 - 4,999 $18.11
5,000+ $17.05

Usmoother glow-in-the-dark bong enhances with black and white creepy faces decals, the whole set consists of a slitted downstem as well as a glass herb bowl too, Bong Glow In the Dark is a really useful beaker bong yet trendy and also trendy.

Usmoother glass bong glow in the dark is embellished with white or black creepy faces decals, it glows at night in environment-friendly, compared to common beakers, ghost bong glow in the dark brings your more fascinating smoke sessions, excellent for you to flaunt as well as share with your pals, for a high quality bong under $50, it’s an essential to include in your glass collection.


The Usmoother ghost bong glow in the dark stands in 8 inches high, constructed from 5mm thick borosilicate glass, ghost bong glow in the dark features an 18mm ground joint, connects perfectly to an 18mm/14mm slitted downstem, and also a 14mm glass bowl.

There are 6 horizontal slits at the end of the downstem, diffuses smoke by breaking it up into small bubbles in the water chamber.

The glass natural herb bowl is furnished with a stick deal with for easy removal without burning your fingers, additionally stopping the bowl from rolling over when put on flat surface.

The ice pinches of the bongs glow in the dark are positioned low sufficient to hold even more ice to bring you much cooler hits.

What’s included

GID ghost beaker bong * 1.

18mm/14mm slitted downstem * 1.

14mm glass bowl * 1.


Product: Borosilicate glass.

Height: 8 inches.

Weight: 250g/0.6 pound.

Base size: 3.8 inches.

Why Choose Usmoother Smoke Pieces?

  • Best prices in the smoking industry.
  • The professional QA team ensures every smoke piece you received is no cracks no stains, we want to hear your “WOW” compliment and positive feedback.


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