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How to smoke a bubbler

What is a bubbler?

What is a bubbler? Bubbler is different in bongs and pipes because it takes to water and the bubbles depending on the downstem. Bubbler is a popular piece of equipment that combines small and elegant shapes with functions. The flexibility of bubblers becomes an important part of every smoker’s collection. And bubblers are the best choice for traveling.

Bubblers VS Bongs

Comparing with bongs, a bubbler pipe has a long and straight mouthpiece, bowl, stem, chamber, and sometimes a carb hole. They use both water and a percolator to filter and cool the smoke giving you smooth hits. Some bubblers like hammer bubbler and bulb bubbler have fixed bowls that could not be removed. The bottom of the bubbler’s tunnel contains a percolator that cools your smoke giving you smoother hits than other dry pipes. Bubblers cool down the smoke as you inhale so that it has less influence on your body.

Bubblers VS Bongs

Here are some different kinds of bubblers.

This is named hammer bubbler as it is like a small hammer with a long and straight mouthpiece. We can also be made with one built-in. Here has a chamber and the chamber should get water inside of your downstem which has some slits on it. When you inhale, the slits cool and filter the smoke and give you smooth hits.

Watering can bubbler is a special bubbler which named as the shape as a watering can. It features a mouthpiece, a 14mm glass bowl, and a middle tunnel inside a percolator that can filter and cool your smoke to bring you a smoother smoking experience. When you smoke, it starts by filling the water chamber. The colder water you put in, the smoother you get the hits.

The shape of the bulb bubbler is like a bulb. The pocket bubbler is the portable version of a bong.This mini bubbler features a fixed 14mm bowl, a long mouthpiece, and a downstem which has some slits to cool and filter the smoke while you’re inhaling or also could be made with one built-in.

How to smoke a bubbler ?

There is water inside the tunnel of the bubbler when you inhale. You should hold the bottom of the bubbler in your left hand, stir on top with your right hand, have your finger on the side, then in the back have your thumb.

On the top, you can see the bowl area where you put whatever you’re smoking. There’s a little tunnel that goes down into the water and when you light the product, it goes down, mix with the water and turn into vapor and then goes up while you’re inhaling.

And you are holding the choke the entire time until the smoke in the middle we can smoke it. Once it gets there you will let it go and you can continue to inhale. And then you’re going to hold it for whatever amount of time to make you feel most comfortable holding it for a long long.

As far as smoking out of your bubbler you need a lighter with your thumb. You can be right-hand dominant and hold it in your right hand upside down when you’re lighting it will not burning your thumb.

You can empty the bubbler before you want to smoke again so it’s clean when picking the old screen out. If you want to smoke with something fresh, clean the ball out and smoke again.

How to smoke a bubbler

Some tips for smoking a bubbler:

1.If you are coughing, water, beverages, candy anything to get your mind off it.

2.If you are cough all the time, remember to exhale. Exhale is the way to get all of the smoke out of our lungs.

3.Don’t take too big of a hit five seconds. And if you like you are too high, CVD is the way to bring you back down.

And this is how to smoke a bubbler.


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